Sunday, March 16, 2008

This Moring and Em Visits Up the Road

The day has basically been lazy for all of us, with only a few family stopping by today.
Amy and I Woke around 6:30a, and just lounged a bit before taking showers, and dressing. We enjoyed some time with Aunt Doris and Uncle John, had coffee, then roused the girls and got ready to meet Susan for Church. Service was good, with (from what I'm told) a pretty new Pastor)

Once Services were over, we scooted back to the Carr homestead for some great leftovers from last night. I sat and just enjoyed listening to the conversations roll along. Kimberly went to RoadAbode and worked on homework, Emily played some games, and I ended up checking in here and the servers at work - checked email, then signed on here. The previous posts from today and yesterday I did via mobile, hence the lack of a lot of description
Amy and Em went visiting up Turner Ridge Road to Susan's home, and visited her barn ...and Goats. Think Em felt like she was at her own private petting zoo!

Good Day, and still a bit to go. Tomorrow we'll be on the road to Indiana.

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