Saturday, March 29, 2008

Playing in Lancaster

So far today, Breakfast at Bird-in-Hand Rest (Also owns the Campground) Hit a few stores at the Outlets, and a cold breezy game of mini golf (Professor Hackers Lost Treasure Golf - AWESOME Course!) While Kimberly is doing homework (transcribing a paper she has due) Amy and Emily were able to fly a kite in a farmers field next to the campground. This is a special kite - one that Amy and I have had since we were first married. I did some small maint. items while they had fun, then we went to the playground. While we were out earlier, we stopped at the Outlets and always pick up an inexpensive toy to play with here. This week was a "helicopter" type for $2. We enjoyed flying and catching it, along with the playground swings, see-saws, and the wooden train they have here to climb on.

Blogging a bit here - and now heading to dinner (a Pizza Buffet - sound interesting) and after, a fire and some TV (Em is bugging to see the Kid's Choice Awards) - Time for me to log on at that point and do some work I think.

Been a good day!

Some pics:

The Pirate Ship At Mini Golf

Girls Playing

Flying a kite

Cheapie fun helicopter toy

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