Saturday, January 17, 2015

Wintery Visit to RoadAbode - Relaxing & Tire Covers

Went up to RoadAbode to just checkup on her. Since our current RVing Lifestyle does not include travels in December, January, or February, we check in to our home-on-wheels during the winter, Plus RoadAbode still makes for a great Man Cave on bright wintry days. I'm sitting and posting this while listening to Pandora radio and sipping coffee. It's great having a hot spot to connect to the internet through a smartphone. While here I get to excercise the generator and just check that everything in RoadAbode is OK. RoadAbode's dash heater is enough to warm inside very well in fridge Mid-Atlantic Philadelphia. While checking out things, I did find one of the storage door locks seems stuck - that's something I'll have to address in warmer weather. At least it's locked closed with nothing in it I have to get to, Just campground mats and our folding, rolling shopping cart.
While here I did work outside and put her tire covers on. The process is pretty simple. I've made it easier by fashioning a tool out of an old coat hanger. I've probably had this same coat hanger for as long as I've had the tire covers - about eight or nine years.
Coat Hanger Tire Tool
Coat Hanger Tire Tool

 Here's a picture of RoadAbode with tire covers off. You can see the tire covers piled next to her. Each tire cover is fitted to the tire over the top, and covers mainly the front of the tire. It helps to cut down on the winter sun hitting the rubber, and with salt or snow on the tires while they sit in RoadAbode's storage home.
RoadAbode tire covers off
Tire Covers Off
To get a cover on, I pull it over the tire. There is a bungy cable that fits through grommets at the bottom of the cover. Using my fancy coat hanger cover tool, I pull the bungy behind the tire, (or between the duallys in the rear) through the grommet on the other side, and then back to the original grommet where it loops around a ball attached to the end of the bungy to stay in place. Now all these years I've always looped back to the first grommet from behind the tire.Just this year I realized I don't have to loop behind the tire twice, but can bring the bungy in front of the tire to loop back. Saves me from reaching with the tool twice for each tire. Sometimes, an old dog CAN learn new tricks!
Tire Covers on RoadAbode
Tire Covers On!

If you are not sure what tire covers are, or want them on your RV, check this RV Tire Covers on Amazon link. Remember you need to know your Tire Width/Size to get tire covers that will fit your particular RV correctly.
Though I loved visit RoadAbode today, can't wait to get out with the family on our next RoadTrip adventure! We've already been making our travel plans starting in March. Have you?

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