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Pie Irons for RVing Campfire Cooking

Pie Iron Cooking
Yummy Stuff from Pie Irons
In honor of National Pie Day, I started thinking of the yummy things you can make over a campfire with a Pie Iron. If you've never heard of these wonderful camping and cooking tools, here's the scoop:
The traditional pie iron, also known as a pudgy pie iron or jaffle iron,. consists of two hinged metal plates on long handles. The plates are round, square, or rectangular and clamp together to form an enclosed compartment meant for cooking stuffed sandwiches. The plates seal the outside edges of the bread together, to completely enclose the filling. They are typically made of cast iron to cook over the coals of your campfire. If you've eaten something made on a Panini grill, or used a Panini grill yourself, your sandwich was made using a electric version of this idea.
One use for Pie Irons are to make tasty sandwiches, and we really like a good grilled cheese from one. But for the RoadAbode Crew where pie irons really shine is simple fruit pies! Just need some sliced bread, little butter, an apple or two, peanut butter and a bar of Hershey's chocolate.
Basic Instructions for an apple and peanut butter pudgy pie:
Mince an apple and mix with peanut butter
Place slice of bread, butter side down, on lower plate of the pie iron. Spoon on the apple peanut butter mixture to the center of the bread. Add a piece of chocolate
Place second slice of bread, butter side up, on top of fillings. Latch the handles; trim off excess bread if it stuck out of the pie iron
Toast over campfire, fireplace or your grill until golden brown on both sides. A delicious snack in about 5 minutes!.
You can also experiment with using the puff pastry pre-made dough, or how about some sliced pound cake instead of bread? Or Cherry pie, fresh cut strawberries, blueberries glazed with honey or other filling? Maybe add some cream cheese? They make interesting, less messy S'mores too.
Whether your family calls them Pudgie Pies, Mountain Pies, Hobo Pies, or "hey Mom, can I have another one or those?" - A pie iron is a great tool to add to your cooking arsenal aboard your RV. It's a fun way to share a tasty meal, snack, or dessert!
Below are some Rome Pie Irons on Amazon. Rome has been making Pie Irons since the 1960s. They make Pie Irons in both Cast Iron and Aluminum. we prefer the Cast Iron.

Rome's 1605 Double Pie Iron
The Double is great so you can make two at once!

Classic square for regular bread

Round to get rid of the crust

For more information on Rome Pie Irons, check out their information page 

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