Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Blowout

While rolling along home around 11:30 or so, listening to some Bob Dylan, all of a sudden a big BANG! from somewhere below the Fridge, and RoadAbode shuddered. I rolled to the right hand emergency lane of the Turnpike, and looked at Frank in the Passenger side seat. "That ain't good" I muttered as I got out (watching the flow of traffic past) "Hope that's not my bike" Frank hollered over the din of tractor trailers. I went all the way to the rear of RoadAbode. and looked under from behind. I could see all 4 tires on the duallies. I looked back and saw a strip of Tire tread 50 feet or so back. i was still hoping it wasn't blown, but that maybe I just hit a piece of tire....somehow. Upon closer inspection, it was the Passenger-side inside Dually. We both went inside Roadabode. I pulled the card for Good Sam and called, gave them my info, they said they would call back with an ETA, and then hung up. I thought maybe I should move off the Turnpike, but I wasn't sure how far the next exit was, nor if Roadabode's remaining 3 rear tires could take the weight. "Anybody want something to drink, or use the bathroom?" I was calming down amazingly after feeling pretty shaky only a few minutes ago. Started up the genny, and ran the roof air to keep it cool since we weren't moving (plus was good exercise for the genny) and the phone rang - ETA was an hour or less by Mechanics Plus. Five mins later the phone rang again - it was Mechanics Plus to let us know that we were out of their territory (?) they only do the Northeastern Extension. Said to all Turnpike Help at *11 (?) I called back Good Sam to explain this - they apologized, and said Mechanics Plus Should have called them - not me. They said they would call back with an ETA. Meanwhile, I checked the next exit was Route 100 - only 3 miles up the road. I told them that i would meet the service at routes 76 and 100 - and
i would try to find a parking lot that the guy could change the tire in. I started up
RoadAbode and we slowly limped up to Route 100, then to a Hampton Inn parking lot at 113 and 100. I called Good Sam, let them know out location, and they let me know that Able towing and Road Service would be out within 2 hours. Rather than fret, Frank and Kevin suggested Lunch, and we walked over to Pizzeria Uno, which shared the lot with the motel. We relaxed, able to see RoadAbode out the window, and in and hour and 30 minutes, Able was there. I met him in the lot - let him know where we were, and let him do his job. 30 min later of so, we were back on the road.
Interesting ride home.

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