Saturday, July 26, 2008


Lunch @ Sonic - very cool!
We headed out around 1pm for a late lunch. On the way in yesterday, we saw a few selections that we thought would be tasty. We finally decided on Sonic Burger. They have car-hops that will deliver right to your car window, But the weather was beautiful, so we opted to sit outdoors. Glad we did! Across the highway from Sonic is a small airstrip, and we got to see gliders being landed - and being pulled up into the air by small, single engine prop planes. definitely fun to watch.
Ordering was interesting, you walk up to a menu board, push a button to let them know you're there, and just like drive thru, you make your selections. Then you sit and someone brings your meal out to you. Kim and I both had burgers - she a Sonic, and I a "SuperSonic" - Em had Popcorn Chicken, and Amy went for a Coney - a Extra-Long hot dog, covered in Chili Cheese. We ALL want to go back again!
We then hit the Super Walmart to pick up a few items (Lime-aid was one - yum!) and hit Dairy Queen for dessert, and a local produce stand for tomatoes for a nice tomato salad we had later with mac and cheese.
Nice little venture out from the park!

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