Sunday, July 27, 2008

Everyone Arrived!!!

Camping in style- Jack in the fridge
Everyone made it to the campground. Some had to travel thru some storms, but everyone made it safely. Each family was helped as hey arrived, and everyone was set up by 6pm. Once tents were set up - it poured again, but then stopped as Jack setup the food site - with plenty of helpers, and soon was grilling burgers and dogs for everyone, plus a wonderful salad to boot! (so we won't get scurvy.) After cleaning up from dinner, we had music led by Scotty G, and a devotional led by Amy. We had a great fun icebreaker game too.
Soon we were relaxing by the fire with some s'mores. I headed to the showers - getting ready for work tomorrow. Was a great day, glad to be wit good people and good friends.
A few pictures:
Gathering firewood

Devon Setting up his tent
Em goofing
Playing Rock-Paper-Sissors for "dough"

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Anonymous said...

wish I could be there!!