Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Full Day at French Creek State Park

Woke around 6am, got coffee started, then fed the chipmunks outside the door some sunflower seeds. little fella wouldn't let me get a good picture though. Frank made eggs, I got sausage going, and soon we had a feast for all of us. Over breakfast, we discussed the day. After much reviewing of maps, we decided to hike to the pool. on the way, we re-evaluated. and took a connecting trail to Hopewell Village. Enjoyed looking at the Water Wheel (still working) and the 'living exhibits' of colonial life. Even had Colonial Dancing demonstration (yea, it's fine for three macho guys to watch a bit if colonial dancing!)

After wandering a little more in the village, we doubled back and headed to the French Creek Pool to cool off. Spent some time lazing there, had some snacks, then hiked toward Scotts Run Lake. Trail had very few people on it, but did run into a Ranger on an ATV checking the trail. Once at Scotts Run, we took a rest, then continued an upward climb (started to be a bit steep) back toward the campground. A bit tired, we all snacked on Brie, crackers and mineral water, hit the showers and had a late lunch of hotdogs. the rest of the day we relaxed, wandered the campground, and snacked. Dinner were cheesburgers and corn-on-the-cob on the grill - cooked by Kevin and a dessert of s'mores and just marshmallows. We then just mellowed out by the fire, telling stories and thinking about things from our past. Awesome day of exploring and relaxing!

Our Hike Around Hopewell Lake
Couple of pictures:
Chipmunk having breakfast
Official Sign

Huge Fungi on the trail
A Yurt at the campground

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