Thursday, August 24, 2006

Lake Glory & Knoebel's for the weekend

This weekend we are traveling to Central PA - Elysburg PA to go to Knoebels Amusement Park. Knoebel's is a great family place - Great mix of rides, great food, reasonable prices, and best of all, you can just walk around without having to pay an enterance fee - which is great for grandparents. So granny has joined us for this escapade.
The ride up for the first part was easy - started late. Got a few cell calls from work - walked people thru some troubleshooting steps - worked out ok.
We had lunch at Arby's where the Northeast Extention (Rt 476) meets Route 80 in the Poconos - had a good lunch and continued on 80 and ran into some traffic. Took a little longer than planned to get to Lake Glory.
Once we arrived, the park is nice - not great - but has some great areas within. The Lake is nice, the playground needs some repair, and the campstore is pretty small. Also the promised shuttle is a 15 passenger van, adequate, but not a "shuttle". Tommorrow and rest of the weekend we get a "cheese" bus - schoolbus. Seems their regular shuttle is in the shop. Customer service lessons would maybe be in order for the drivers too.
We went to the park for a few hours, and had some dinner - then headed back to the campground. Emily and I took a nice walk around the lake, and along the stream. Perhaps we can try fishing tomorrow.
No cable - so we played some card games and called it an early night. Getting pretty cool right now - under 75

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