Friday, August 25, 2006

Fun Friday @ Knoebels

Overnight it rained, and it continued off and on as we got ready for the 10:30am shuttle. I also started out with sneezing, itchy throat, and running nose – not a good start to the day. But Amy fed me some Tylenol and Sudafed. It helped me out, the weather cleared, and we had a great day taking the girls around to their favorite rides. Granny decided to do hang back and do some organizing of some pictures and paperwork. We planned to meet for dinner @ the park diner – called the Alamo. Granny would take a later shuttle over.

Some of the rides the girls were able to ride were old favorites, like the Phantom cars, and Antique Cars – kind of large slot cards the girls could drive. The power boats and “The Whip” were also favorites.
When Granny arrived, we headed over for an early dinner – which everyone enjoyed. Toward the end, my meds started wearing off - and I was 'sneezing and wheezing' every few feet. I was feeling pretty worn out.
We headed back to Lake Glory around 6:30pm – and settled in for an old video the girls had not watched for a while – “Beethoven”

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