Monday, August 07, 2006

Crystal Cave!

Crystal Cave had been a place I had gone with Oma, Opa, & Frank when I was little - and because of the stories I told the girls, they wanted to visit too. Since we were close (30 minutes!) and Kevin & Leann had no interest in going, we saved this for our trip home.
We did the Last bit of Packing, Then drove down to a flat area by the lake to hitch up RoadToad. After a few false reading, got EvenBrake to respond - and we were off. The roads to Crystal Cave were smaller, and we made one wrong turn on the way - but were fortunate there was a turn-around for tractor-trailers a 1/4 mile down (go figure). The roads wound thru the countryside, following various creeks and rivers. and very wooded - serene and pretty.
When we finally got to the entrace of Crystal Cave, there was plenty of parking for our 40+ feet of RoadAbode/RoadToad combo.
The outside of the Inn, store and cave entrance were about how I remember it, but the facilities themselves I was pleasantly surprised by - everything was pretty well kept.
The cave tour was starting right away (the next would have been 20-30 min later) so we bought tix and headed up the path to the cave entrance.

We first saw a movie/slideshow about the history of the cave and how the geology of the area affected it's creation. Then we were given a tour by a young lady - She did a great job - with just the right mix of information, both in human history and geology - and a bit of humor.
After our tour, we enjoyed a homestyle lunch of Perogies and our choice of chicken or hamburger. All very well made and tasty.
We did a little shopping, stopped in the "museum" and then headed out. All-in-all a pretty cool place to visit!
On the way out, I missed a turn, and ended up going the wrong way for a few miles. But Amy got us back on course, and we were able to see some great countryside in the process!
Rest of the trip was pretty uneventful - which is a good thing.

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