Friday, August 04, 2006

Trip to Robin Hill

By 10am, packed up and was on the road to RoadAbode. We connected RoadToad and were on our way to Robin Hill, in the Reading area. The girls enjoyed watching Piglets Big Movie. The ride was short, even with a stop to enjoy some Stuffed Crust Pizza @ Pizza Hut. We pulled in early to the campground, but had to wait a good bit because a church group was checking in before us. While the girls checked in at the office, I unhooked RoadToad so she was ready when they came back.
We followed the direction from the office, circled around and went up the hill to our site. The site is at the end of a loop, nice and wide, but not exactly level. Even with all our Leveling blocks, we are still a little “off” – not bad though.
The girls wanted to take a dip in the pool, and I hung back to put up the screen room. Was first time I did it myself, and it went together pretty quickly. When the girls got back from their swim, we finished setting up camp and decided to go exploring.
We took a walk around, visited the camp store, the pond, and playground. Some of the buildings and equipment look a bit worn, and the camp store has perhaps 3 or 4 of each thing on the shelves – not bare, but close. One thing we all enjoyed was the soft serve ice-cream cones that you could have a flavor swirled thru – really huge for a small, and tasty!
We walked past the pond - lots of geese – and the water looks like it has a film on top – do see some fish though. As we walk the lower loops we saw some newer cabins by the pond – looked really nice, and even had central air units. But the gravel roads could use regrading, and the landscaping could use some work. So they are trying some capital improvements, but they need to care for other smaller issues as well.
Back to RoadAbode we headed, enjoyed some TV, and went to bed. Tomorrow, Uncle Kevin, Aunt Leann, and Kyla come to visit!

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