Sunday, October 23, 2005

RPC Annual HayRide & Bonfire

Short Little outing with RoadAbode - better than none!
Kimberly and I went after church to pickup RoadAbode, Taking RT 202 on the way, ran into a police roadblock and had to detour. Oh well, was a nice ride in suburbia.... Kimberly & I went to work scouring the special 'forks' Mr. Phy had especially made for bonfire cookouts.
Amy met us with Emily in the van at MerryMead. We setup at the HayRide Bonfire place - which is under powerlines, A few Acres from the Main Farm.
The Girls Helped Clean RoadAbode for a while, Then they played Frisbee and Card games.

Soon, Some Friends arrived - Emily is here playing with Josh.

The Youth took a while to arrive, but as soon as they got there - they all piled in to the haywagons

I stayed back to prep the hotdogs and S'mores fixings.
When they came back about and hour later - I was ready for them
The Tractor Driver Set us up a nice bonfire - and we had a great time cooking hotdogs (and eating) making S'mores (and eating)
And finally singing songs of Praise.
It was chilly - but a beautiful Night.
Soon the next group came in from their hayride - and it was time to go.
The ride home was cool too - first time I had RoadAbode on Country Roads - in the dark.

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