Friday, October 14, 2005

Wonderful Rainy Weekend Away....

Sometimes its just nice to be in another environment, even if the weather is not the greatest. Left work early - 2pm - and drove to RoadAbode. Amy and the girls arrived with our weekend "stuff" loaded into RoadAbode with some basic comfort foods, and got on the road by 3:30pm. Traffic was heavy, and we got to our campsite by 6pm.
We are nestled in at Country Acres, located on Route 30 outside of Lancaster. We did things a little different this time - I drove Roadabode with Kimberly and Amy followed in the Honda with Emily. It's nice having a car to 'tool' around town in. We went out for Friday Night Pizza, and then drove to Rockvale Outlets to take a walk , pickup socks for Kimberly, and a little dessert, and just window shop.
Country Acres has free WiFi - but it is not secure (Wep) so I am having difficulty connecting thru the VPN. Able to connect and check mail via outlook Web access at least.
tomorrow we plan on meeting the RPC Youth @ Gain/Project Carelift late morning, helping out, and then heading back to relax at the campground. Maybe I'll be able to post some pics tomorrow too.

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