Saturday, October 15, 2005

Our Gain Ministry Experience

We drove the "OpaMobile" to the new Gain Warehouse in Mount Joy outside Lancaster and met Sam, Sabrina, Jackie, Pam, Esther, Barb, and Vern. We signed in, and were put on 'Gospel Bracelet Duty' - making the bracelets given out to children that help them remember the Gospel message. The bracelets are explained this way First knot - our birth, black bead - original sin, red heart - Jesus shed His blood for our sins, White - forgiveness of our sins , blue - Holy Spirit, green - Spiritual Growth, yellow - The Gates of
Heaven, the last knot -Our bodily Death.
Other jobs at the warehouse included sorting and packing items like clothing, shoes, medical supplies and equipment, toys, school supplies.

After doing the bracelets for an hour or so - it was lunch time. Amy and I worked thru lunch since we had such a large breakfast. Then there was a special suprise, There was to be a dedication of the building, and one of the speakers was to be Josh McDowell - who has started the ministry some 14 or so years ago.

The speaking went on for an hour or so - with people relating their expereinces as both givers and recieves of aid. We made bracelets for another hour after that - and for us it was time to leave.

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