Sunday, October 02, 2005

What the Girls were doing...

While Amy & I were learning, so were the girls - learning different ways to have fun that is!
Granny was along for the ride - and was a big help by just "being there" for the girls. Was an ease on our minds that the girls were occupied while we wee at the seminars.
Below are a few pics I took with the new Sony Ericsson z500a we just got.

Emily and Kimberly went to the maskmaking craft time

Granny brought beads craft for them to do next to RoadAbode. You can also see the Pumpkins they Decorated.

And Emily was the first to dive into the pool - she said the water was great!
We were homeward bound by Noon (After the free Pancake Breakfast of Course!) and Got RoadAbode to her Lair safely with no incidents. I'm currently writing this while sitting down at Opa's House doing the "NightWatch"

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