Friday, April 15, 2011

Washington DC RoadTrip

After finishing a few last minute items at work, (remote work) packed up the car and headed down toward Cherry Hill Campground in College Park., MD. On the way, was able to help troubleshoot a log-on issue at work. Just glad it got fixed for them. First time using EZ-Pass, made the trip a bit quicker - til we hit the traffic close to DC. Left RoadAbode's Storage around 1pm, and pulled into our Spot @ Cherry Hill about 4:30pm.
Cherry Hill already has their pools open - which was a surprise. Em may get enough gumption to take a swim - too cool for me though. Had our usual Friday Night Pizza - and enjoyed some curly fries and Onion rings as appetizers from the Cafe here. Everything here at Cherry Hill is well laid out, well done, and cared for. Great Campground, and well run. Looking forward to our tour of the Whitehouse tomorrow Morning. It will be an early start - but we're excited. Time to turn in for the night.

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dina arocena said...

yay for EZPass...