Friday, April 01, 2011

RoadAbode Upgrade - 2011

This year we've decided to have RoadAbode's Couch recovered. This will include the material areas around the dinette, but not the dinette cushions themselves - as we just did those last year. (holding up well)
Can't see it in the pictures, but the arms and seat are starting to fray a bit. Frame is still in tip-top shape. Will post when she's finished - Hopefully for our Washington DC trip, or at least the Walden Pond RoadTrip.

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Hardin County Keepsakes said...

We have the same rv.I was doing a google search to find pictures of the Coachman Roadmaster.
We have just completed a remodel on the back bedroom.
Where are you having the reupholstery done?
I have pictures of our redo in my webshots album.We are very pleased with it.It will fit our needs better than the way it was.