Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Full Day - and a Perigee Moonlight Night

Perigee Moon March 19th 2011
We spent a full day in Lancaster. After a walk with Molly and a morning starting cup of coffee, we headed out for breakfast. We stopped at the WaffleHouse across from the Rockvale Outlets and enjoyed a great breakfast, with various tasty items - fluffy eggs, doughy waffles, with sides of sausage, bacon, and hash-browns. feeling full, we headed to the the Bird-in-Hand Farmers Market. We picked up some treats for later, including freshly smoked kielbasi and whoopie pies. After checking alll the foodstuffs and wares of the Farmers Market, we headed to the touristy Kitchen Kettle Village. Started in the 1950's as a canning and jelly shop, the Kitchen Kettle Village now includes a whole experience of interesting specialty stores. The girls split off and did some shopping on their own, and Am and I collected some preserve for home sampling.  We were Enjoying the banjo players in the courtyard, and unseasonable mild temps with plenty of other people. Even saw people with dogs in strollers?!?
After Kitchen Kettle we headed back to RoadAbode and Molly, and did some small upkeep items. Still beautiful Outside, ended up sitting with Molly and enjoying the sun, and eventually napping. The girls took a walk to the Campground office and picked up a small bundle of firewood for the night.
Dinner was a nice salad with smoked kielbasa grilled on the fire. Once the sun was down we got to see the biggest Perigee Moon in the past 18 years. A Perigee Moon is at the closest point to the earth and it is in this stage that the moon appears larger. Looking at the moon in the sky without anything to compare it to, you wouldn't notice any size difference. But the difference in size can in fact be quite significant. With the sun gone for the day, the temps dropped quickly, so we packed up outside, and enjoyed some cable tv with RoadAbode's heater kicking on occasionally. Great day with family - in beautiful Lancaster County.

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