Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Medival Times

Medival Times
On Tuesday Night we surprised the girls with a Trip to "Medieval Times" a Dinner Theater with audience participation located about 40 minutes from Cherry Hill Park. Our "roles" were as lords and ladies of the kingdom, taking part in festivities at an 11th century castle - guests of the King Phillipe of Leone, and his daughter Princess Leonore. As we enjoyed our feast of a half chicken, we were entertained by a falconer, dancing horses, and finally, a match of six knights. Ours was the Green Knight, Don Temple. Turns out he was the bad guy.
For a great show, and a surprisingly great meal, check out Medieval Times - They have "castles" across the US
Some Pictures: from the Evening
Dancing Horse

Entrance of Medieval Times

Our Ladies Ready for the Show

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