Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our Saturday Afternoon

After my Shower, Molly & I did a road trip to Elverson, using Lola’s help on the back roads. Plenty of cattle and corn on the farms. Some beautiful Homesteads as well. I let Molly enjoy the wind in her hair, just secured her lead to the seat so she couldn’t try to visit with a steer – while going 30mph down the road. We ended up at Sonic Burger, and I enjoyed a cheeseburger, while Molly enjoyed the scents all around. Even got to see a glider land at the small airport across the street. I took a Blast (Sonic’s take on DQ’s Blizzard) for the road, and took a leisurely ride back to camp. While enjoying my Blast, studied the park map, and tomorrow may try to find the remains of Six-Penny Lake. For now, perhaps a little reading and a nap sound good.

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