Monday, July 27, 2009

Lazy Monday

Slept Late, had a pancake breakfast Am made, then after a short walk to the lake, and hanging around camp headed out to Good's Store & Shady Maple. We did the Smorgasbord this time around, but the lunch menu. Everyone enjoyed their meals, especially the girls whom created some inspired Gelaitis. Made a trip to Shady Maple's Gift Store to look around, then to the grocery to pick up a few favorites.
Back at camp, took Molly on the trails, and then we all went to play mini-golf. At the last hole, it started to drop a few big drops from the sky, and halfway home the rains came. The tree cover helped us stay a bit drier, but we were still quite damp. Got settled in, had some snacks, and then settled in to listen to the rain roll into a thunderstorm, and watch a little tv. soon, everyone is snooozing - except me. Was a good, restful day.

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