Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Night Pizza

As per the family custom, we had Friday Pizza Night. Our friends provided us with the phone number of the only "true" pizza place in Crisfield, The Pizza Shoppe. K and I picked up the pizza, and our friends brought salad and Colas to our campsite. A denser dough than home, but rich with cheese and our other toppings. the sauce was not as sweet, but very enjoyable!
We took an evening stroll around the park, as the the girls collected pine cones to be added to the already well-stoked fire. We then hopped into our cars and headed toward the docks of Crisfield, where, hidden up a narrow alley, was a ice cream shop with some enticing flavors. We walked and took in the beauty of the bay from the city dock, and then departed for, each to our own homes.
Sat up and watch a bit of the Simpson Movie DVD. Another great day of camping !

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