Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Berthed at Janes Island

We've again been blessed with easy travel, following a few quiet ribbons of roadway from Queen Anne's County, Maryland, crossing into Delaware for a bit - then down Route 13 into Maryland again. This was a bit confusing for Em, and we had to remind her of Maryland's unique shape.
We had Left Tuckahoe somewhere around 9:30, and arrived at Janes Island approximately between 2 and 3 pm, only making one stop to pickup a few provisions at a Red Lion - a market chain we've seen throughout Virginia and Maryland. We started to set up, and called our friends to let them know we had arrived. This is a great state park, but the site we have is one of the most un-level we've had in some time. We've got 3 levels of blocks under RoadAbode's rear wheels, and could have gone for a 4th. Although the view is not as picturesque as last time we travelled here, the bugs are a bit better away from the water. (Oh, but that view!)
Our friends stopped by, via bike, and we had a great time just chatting. We made some plans, including having our evening meal together. They road off, and we checked the cupboard for the best combination of ingredients. They returned with a wonderful salad, of a fresh and colorful mix, and Am was able to create a wonderful tomato based penne pasta with grilled chicken dish. Combined together, we had a superb meal! Dessert consisted of s'mores until we were stuffed.
Great evening!
Tomorrow - a day trip to Chinqoteague VA

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