Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Niagara Bound...

After a busy day @ work, & a late church "business" meeting until 10:30pm on Tuesday, Amy and I loaded up RoadAbode. Amy had picked her up earlier in the day, so she was just waiting to be filled with the things that make our trips fun.
We worked 'til around midnight, and then went to bed, too tired to do more.
Awoke at 6am, got myself ready, made sure I had packed the essentials (like this laptop and all it's cables and such) got the girls moving, helped Amy get together the last of our things, and we were off.... by 9:30am. (one hour behind schedule)We started off our travels as we usually try to - with a short prayer of thanks and request for wisdom and safety.

It seems all the road crews were put on 'high alert' RoadAbode is on the move!!!. I think every route between Philly and Niagara had some type of construction on it.
The girls were pretty bored for much of the ride (all 9 hours...) and kept occupied with card games, CD's, videos & games. They even took a short nap. But as we started seeing directional signs for the Falls - they got excited - really excited!
as we got closer to the Falls, following the Niagara River, we could make out some of the place we want to visit, the Minolta Tower and the Skylon Tower. We also could see the mist rising as the water fell over the falls. The view of the falls was shorter than I had thought as we drove over Rainbow Bridge, but was exciting for all of us.
We got to the border around 6:30pm - and were boarded by a congenial young woman. She just checked our papers, asked if we were carrying any firearms, asked which one was Kimberly, and asked Emily her birthdate - and we were free to go.
We continued on to Lundy Lane and pulled into the KOA. Check-in was no hassle, and we got to a great spot, close to the playground and pools (both inside and out) and fully paved, with a little patio.

We're all setup, the girls are finally in bed, tomorrow, a new day of adventures awaits!

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