Sunday, April 05, 2009

RoadTrip to Zern's

Brought RoadAbode home early Saturday Morning with Am. Was a great ride, though windy. Did a quick wash and once-over, and filled/sanitized the fresh water tank.  This was for a planned RoadTrip with some RPC YAs to Zern's Farmers Market. Left around 3:30 - 4pm after Choir Practice.  The route on the way up I-76 to RT202 to RT422 to RT100 to RT73 was quite windy, and by the time I made it home, my arm was actually sore. On the way our guests got to play "RoadAbode Bingo" with cards I had created.
Once at Zern's, Am made sliced hot roast beef sandwiches. After everyone had their fill, we sent them into Zern's with a little "scavenger hunt" to do.
By nights end, everyone had fun, and we took swamp pike to 422 on the way home. Good time, and great outing in RoadAbode.
Alas, no pictures of our Saturday Adventure.

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