Monday, April 20, 2009


noun: Shelter or protection from danger or distress; a place that provides shelter or protection; something to which one has recourse in difficulty. 

Sometimes, that is what RoadAbode can be - somewhere to get away - leave behind the issues of the week. Sit outside and be warmed by a glorious sun, contemplate the sprouting buds and shoots. The simplistic wonder of Creation. 
Still need to come back to reality, but sometimes a small respite from the idiocy of work and church and school and responsibilities and more plainly - people - can give new perspective, or at least a fresh start.

This weekend, we each had a book along to enjoy. Perhaps we all needed to escape to somewhere....each girl had a fable or fantasy, and I continued the autobiographical RoadTrip journey of William Least Heat-Moon, "Blue Highways" Not a spiritual book, but certainly one that delves into the authors thoughts on the soul within. His refuge was no more than a van, barely converted for a tour around the U.S., a journey that gives glimpses into the variety of lives, livelihoods, and landscape that makes up our nation. Perhaps his view is a bit weighty toward a direction - wanting to explain and investigate the American-Indian Bloodline along his route - but it's a wonderfully descriptive journey across America's secondary roads and places. 

My Journey this weekend however, was to go in the opposite direction than we had originally planned:
  • Farmland rather than Seashore
  • Family rather than Friends
  • Lethargy rather than Busy-ness
  • Introspection rather than Observation
It was a glorious weekend. There should be more times like these.
We ate at Shady Maple - Not the "All-You-Can-Eat" gorge-fest upstairs, but a hearty and filling meal at the cafeteria. Purchased our dessert at the farm market - and bought a few extra to share. Shopped at the Good's Store for a few essentials in RoadAbode - and a few extra bargains as well.

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