Friday, October 31, 2008

Double, Double Toil and Trouble....

A quick update on some issue we had.
The overhead Cab window moulding we had services - fell out. Media Camping Center made good on this - and first did a temp install - so we could enjoy the weekend in Hershey, and this week did a total repacement and redo. Hopefully it will last a lot better.

While using Roadabode at the Annual RPC Hayride, and Towing RoadToad, We've been having a problem with the the Evenbrake - the Braking system when towing. The clamp that grips the brake pedal no longer will stay on during test mode. I've called the manufature, and they are sending a replacement - which they've changed the design of. Since the part hasn't arrived yet, and we are in Lancaster - Counry Acres - for the weekend, Had to figure out a way to still tow safey, so it was duct tape to the rescue! Used duct tape to attach the clamp. Worked like a charm!

Since it's Halloween, we didn't want to Drive RoadAbode thru the neighborhood this time around, so we loaded up RoadToad, and drove up to storage. Added 30 minutes or more to our travels, but at least traffic was light, and the weather was good. As we got close, since it was so late, Amy gave a buzz to our favorite pizza shop Paradiso Pizza, and Ordered our usual, Chicken Ranch Pizza, but for takeout.  As Amy picked up, I unhooked RoadToad with Kim's help. Then Amy drove RoadAbode, and me Toad the last mile or so to the Campground. We reversed roles basically, me leading to the campsite, and directing, and Amy backing in. Worked pretty well, even level RoadAbode's front end on blocks. 
So we hooked up, and watched cable, with some pizza. 
A good simple Friday night with Family

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Brad Clements said...

I enjoy reading about your adventures and have added a link to my blog. I hope you dont mind.