Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Kitchen Faucet

Friday Night tested to make sure that all systems were "go" for the outing with the RPC YA Group. Well, they weren't.  When testing the water pump, heard a "pop!" and gurgle, and found that the cold water faucet handle support had cracked. With the recent freezing nights, sure it was a factor, but we had had some previous I guess it was it's time to go. Removal was easy - amazed that the whole thing was really plastic! - and then it was a trip to the Hardware store. Two hours later, and $67 dollars poorer, I had the real brass and chrome beauty pictured above installed - and a hour of that was selecting which one to install! The way the fixures components were created, it was all hand tighten, no tools even needed. Pretty Nifty!

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