Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hershey Weekend

Almost ended up not camping this weekend. We booked this weekend late, and where we ended up was our 4th choice – all the others were booked full for the weekend. So much for high gas prices and recession.
Spending the weekend in Hershey, staying at Hershey Highmeadow Campground. Was able to break away from work at 4pm, but Amy was running late packing RoadaBode because when picking her up from storage, RoadAbode’s Cabover molding was hanging loose. The same molding I proactively had replaced while having other work done about a month ago. Amy took RoadAbode back to Media Camping Center in Hatboro to have this resolved. They temporarily fixed, but we’ll need to have the whole job redone correctly next week.
Even with running late, we hustled, packed, and pulled out from home by 5pm. Unfortunately, we ran into a good bit of traffic in Plymouth Meeting, and was slowed up by an accident cleanup on the Westbound Turnpike. We managed to pull into the campground, disconnect RoadToad, level, and set up inside and outside – including water, electric, and cable by about 8pm. We jumped in RoadToad and went a half mile down the street to enjoy a Stuff Crust pepperoni pizza at Pizza Hut. Was seated quickly, and service was great, as was the pizza! Yumm! Filled up at a Sheetz here - $2.69 a gallon. Once back to the campground, we settled in and enjoyed some cable. Emily colored something for the coloring contest. The campground is full with families, and the reason is it’s celebrating a Halloween weekend. There are contests for everything on Saturday from costumes, to site decorating, to pumpkin carving.
Saturday morning, slept til 8:30am, made coffee, enjoyed eggs and bagels, and we all started on individual projects. The girls both had homework to work on, I some articles to write, and Amy wanted to do some fall cleaning after my last foray out with “the guys”. After doing some reading and note taking, Em and Amy headed to take part in the contests, while Kimberly and I continued working on our projects.
From 1 to 2pm was time for trick and treating. So many kids, we were out of candy in 20 minutes! Nothing like at home. After Trick or Treating, we took a walk around to look at the decorated sites throughout the campground. Some were quite elaborate!
While the girls perused the camp store, I hit the showers, and then we headed to the Hershey Chocolate Factory. Went thru the ride twice, and bought some specialty Chocolates. Headed back to RoadAbode, enjoyed just waking the campground, a dinner of pulled pork, and some evening TV. Quite Restful.

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