Saturday, September 13, 2008

Weekend in Lancaster

In one of our favorite Campgrounds in Lancaster, Spring Gulch (actually New Holland) Traveling up an Friday was not easy though. After a hectic work day, got home to fine that RoadAbode's  right turn signal is not working correctly, and even a stop at Pep Boys didn't fix the issue. This threw us late by an hour, and it started raining...hard. Pulling into the camp site was tough. By the time we  disconnected RoadToad, and setup the basic hookups, even with my raincoat i was soaked thru. Not a good start to the weekend. But dry clothes and some Cartoon Network helped take off the edge a bit.
Saturday, Got up late, and just sat around camp.  Took a shower around noon, then worked on a fishing rod holder for the Basement Storage, using a 3" wide piece of PVC pipe. Works pretty well.  After that we headed out to Goods General Store, Next to Shady Maple. We also stopped at the Farmer's Market to pick up shoo-fly pie, some specialty breads - Raspberry and Peach - and some whoppie pies - along with restocking some essentials on RoadAbode. 
Had a nice early dinner in the downstairs cafeteria. I enjoyed a local specialty - Ham Loaf - While the girls went with Turkey or chicken dinners. All big portions and delicious! We decided to enjoy  dessert at RoadAbode. 
Easy night of just snacking, a campfire, and a bit of "Man vs, Wild" on Discovery. 

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Anonymous said...

looks like fun times! miss you guys!