Saturday, September 27, 2008

Swimming, I mean Canoeing The Wading River

The Weather has held out!  After a great breakfast including Banana and strawberry fruit salad by Frank, scrambled eggs by Kevin, and Sausage by myself, (I was the only one that had french toast) we cleaned up, packed a snack, drinks and other essentials, and headed to the Office. We booked two canoes, and then in about ten minutes were picked up to be taken to Hawkin's Bridge Landing, To launch off our Canoeing Adventure. Kevin and I shared a Canoe, and Frank was the lone paddler.
We crossed under Hawkin's Bridge, and started paddling down the tea colored waters of the Wading River. Actually, we drugg our canoes for the first 500 feet of the gravel of the Wading River. We each looked at the other... and thought "this is gonna be a loooong walk if this river stays shallow"
But soon, the water deepened enough and we enjoyed paddling down the river, with a few young kayakers as well. At some point, trying to get over a stump, Frank got to enjoy a refreshing dip in the river. Once he got righted, unswamped the canoe, and wrung out, we enjoyed the sights and quiet of the river. The vegetation and banks were beautiful, but we saw no fish at all. We did to get to see cranberries up close a first for me.  (They actually grow very close to the ground)
We stopped at a sand beach for a snack, and to look over the the area.  Just as we were relaxing, We were joined by Troop 201 from Haddonfield. All twenty-three of them. On our beach. But in a few minutes they were on their way again. 
Down the river a bit, as it got a little deeper, Kevin and I, jealous of Franks multiple swims by now, took our own dip. Fortunately, a beach was right there get everything righted. Stuff inside my backpack was still relatively dry!
Down by a sandbar, Frank spied a Baby snapper turtle, the only real aquatic life we saw in the river. The rest of our trip was uneventful, but very relaxing, and beautiful. We did get to pass those boy scouts again, and the kayakers. 
Exact weekend trip I was looking for.
Well, except for the swimming part. 

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