Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Passing Muster

RoadAbode had a visit with the 'Doctor" - but it was just a checkup. Her State inspection was due (a week past-due actually) and we had to do the new ritual of taking her in. This is a little different than a car inspection, can't take RoadAbode to our favorite garage where our other 'workhorses' are treated (She won't fit in their place, we tried) . Her trip is to a Truck Center - 20 minutes above where RoadAbode is stored. This make the round trip about two hours to get to her, get to Bergey's Truck Center in Franconia - and then back to our domicile in Philly. And you need to be followed so you can be picked up and dropped off..... but at least Bergey's is open 24hours - so drop-off is relatively painless.

The good news is she passed with flying colors - no issues with her mechanical systems - and we also got done a oil/lube/filter to finish winterizing - Hoorarry!!!!

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