Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the RoadAbode Crew!

Merry Christmas from the RoadAbode Crew
Though RoadAbode is tucked all snug in her bed, with her Crew dreaming of our next destination in our heads, we wanted to wish you all a Christmas and Holidays full with glee, and a New Year with plenty of cool travels in your own RV!
This time of year we dream of where we'll be going as a family, but also how we will be travelling once our girls are done with school and out of the nest. So We'll leave you this week with the lyrics I thought up to the tune of :"Winter Wonderland" Peace and Joy to you this season!

Snowbirding is so Grand

Palm trees sway, can you see ‘em?
Not thinking, ‘bout carpe-diem,
Oh the Sun’s out today,
Maybe horseshoes I’ll play,
Dreaming of Snowbirding is so Grand!.
Got away, from Northern cold,
There I’m warm, not feeling old,
We'd hit the Clubhouse tonight,
Potluck dinner our delight,
Dreaming of Snowbirding is so Grand!
Point the RV toward a South State,
Somewhere where we won’t frost our toes,
Stopping somewhere with a better tax rate,
And we won't have to wear our winter clothes.
Once we’re there, we’ll retire,
Drinking wine, by campfire,
We’ll fish off the dock,
On the beach we will walk,
Dreaming of Snowbirding is so Grand!
In the campground we’ll find other ‘Birders,
We’ll compare notes where we've been,
We’ll have fun with those other ‘Birders,
As we slather suntan lotion on our skin
Where it’s warm, we're so thrilled,
Not shoveling snow, or getting chilled,
Lounge and read a good book,
On a Kindle or Nook,
Dreaming of Snowbirding is so Grand!

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