Friday, July 04, 2014

Fourth of July

Drove up to Spring Gulch in New Holland on the the third.  Was able to leave work early.  Ran into some powerful thunderstorms outside of Morgantown. Was able to still go forward but at about 25mph. When we did get to the campground there was a bus stop on the only road up to our site. Had to wait for about half an hour to forty minutes until the wrecker truck was able to move it. Fortunately we had stopped for dinner at Shady Maple before we came to the campground. That presented it don't problems because they don't have parking for RVs towing. Was able to just take a few spots on an empty part of their lot.
Now looking forward to some r&r after a busy/crazy short week at work. Third weekend in a row we are out in RoadAbode!

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