Saturday, January 28, 2012

Great Dinner, Great Company at Brauhaus on South

Looking Up South Street
Went to South St in Philly to eat for a "guys nite out" at Brauhaus Schmidt's, located between 7th & 8th. Got parking right out front, though didn't know it at first. So we heightened our appetites with a stroll down & back South before heading in. Place definitely rocks with a younger crowd, but with an olde world charm about it. Our young, blond, hazel eyed rubenesque waitress dressed in a traditional drndl was quick, courteous and efficient. How do I know the color of her eyes, you may ask? Because of the "body molding" effect of her barmaid drndl, and the way she leaned in to show us the menu or clear the table, I felt inappropriate looking anywhere else. But back to our meal.
A German Brauhaus  is basically about two things - beer and meat. This place delivers that and more. We started with a selection of cheeses (and beer) with and interesting array of asides to heighten their flavor. Traditional German breads as well. Pink kraut, a sour cherry compote, hot mustard and honeyed almonds were included. Besides traditional camembert and gouda, I even sampled some limburger! For our main Meal, Frank had a "Schinken - meat platter" (usually an appetizer) and Kev and I split a "Schlachtplatte - butcher's plate" with a mix of traditional sausage, cured meats, and kraut. No-one went hungry! After enjoying our meats, we couldn't resist some desserts - Strudel, Black forest cake, and Hazelnut tort - along with coffee and conversation. Afterward, we enjoyed walked down to Front street and the overlook for Penn's Landing.
Great Night out!

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