Friday, July 01, 2011

Settled in @ French Creek State Park

Settled in @ French Creek State Park for the Holiday
(Edit 07-16-11) Got to say, this was one of the Best 4th of July weekends we've every experienced. Not that we didn't miss the parade, activities, and fun at RPC, but it was relaxing and different. The girls and I headed up in RoadAbode and Setup Camp Friday, A headed up after work two days later. Both girls helped out great, and we pretty quickly got into a relax mode - just reading and snacking, and making plans for what to do when "mom gets here". We each were doing our own things at points, but doing them together.
K is starting College in the fall, E is prepping herself to go to High School next year, so the dynamics of our RoadTrips in RoadAbode are going to be changing.
As usual, we'll see what God places before us on this journey.

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