Friday, October 15, 2010

Late Arrival in French Creek

Even though we were packed and ready to go, and traffic was not bad, we still ended up driving in the dark. I also opted to exit at route 100 instead of my usual Route 23. This would have been good in the daylight, and more scenic, but in the dark, just made me a bit edgy. A deer darting in front of RoadAbode on the curvy road didn't help either. I got to Route 345 where it meets Route 23, and found that there were signs for a detour for Hopewell Furnace, but not listing Frech Creek SP Campground. It listed a bridge 2.5 miles up the road. I was pretty sure it was a bridge right before the Entrance Road for the State Park.
We took the detour, which led us past St. Peter's Village, and over Harmonyville. we had to do a detour of our own, as a sign listed the bridge on that road was only supporting 3 tons (RoadAbode is around 7 tons) This roundabout took us right to Route 345 again - but by the entrance of Hopewell Furnace & Village, which is above the State Park Entrance Road. We prayed that the detour was for the bridge I was thinking of. As we got closer - we could see signs that the road was closed - we just couldn't figure out if it was below the Entrance Road. Once we got there - it was thankfully below the Entrance. After our 20 minute detour, we got to our capsite. The good news it was easy to pull in, and is right near the showerhouse and water. Bad news is not even with all our leveling brick, are we level. Not terribly off, but one of the more unlevel sites we've had.
Still, glad to be out in RoadAbode.

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