Sunday, October 11, 2009

Slow-Moving Sunday

Chilly night! woke to find you could see your breath, though snuggled under covers, couldn't feel it. A hit the heater switch on, and was first up and out with Molly for a short walk around the campground. She started breakfast as well - pancakes- and we still weren't stirring. Finally started to move, the girls looking at some cable TV, and setting up the breakfast table. spent the morning pulling ourselves together as it started to warm up. Hit the showers, and then started packing up RoadAbode. - no rush, but got everything stowed and either disconnected, or connected by Noon. Decided to take it home leisurely, and just followed Rt. 202 all the way to RoadAbode's home. Stopped in King of Prussia at a Subway for lunch, and enjoyed our meal in RoadAbode sitting in the Parking lot.
A great weekend of de-compression.

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