Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Meet Molly

Meet Molly, a LhashaPoo Pup, five and a half months old.
She's still a bit shy, but is sure to be quite friendly and outgoing.
The Girls saw her online, and Amy met her and decided to take her from a Rescue Kennel in Chester Springs PA yesterday. Took her straight to the vet - where she got a clean bill of health.
This isn't spur of the moment, the girls have been researching for a few months about dogs, rescue, and what breeds would be a good fit for our family.
I think they did a great job, and look forward to travels with Molly.
BTW - Her eyes are Chocolate Brown - it's how the flash caught her.


Anonymous said...

no way!!! that's awesome, what a cool addition to the Karl Family! Miss you guys!!

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful, I cant wait to meet her, Indi is excited too!