Saturday, September 30, 2006

Zern's RoadTrip!

Amy & I got the idea to take some friends - Jeff, Rachel, Sam & Elizabeth - to Zerns for an evening of browsing and people watching. By incorporating RoadAbode in the mix - it was a really "Neat and Sharp" night out! Amy decided to make a turkey dinner to share - with special desserts from Zerns bakers. And I collected some quirky questions for a Zerns Scavenger Hunt. Picked up Roadabode around 2pm, brought her home and gave her a quick scrub down to get rid of blackstreaks - loaded up and met everyone at Roxborough Presbyterian Church parking lot @ 4pm. On the way we played RoadAbode Bingo, some old school video games (like Pac-Man) and had some snacks. We arrived at Zerns about 5:15pm and planned to walk around and check out the wares till 7pm - have dinner in RoadAbode - then wander around a little longer.
Got a great parking spot near the outdoor flea-markets. Amy & I wandered around, picked up some small 'prizes' for the Scavenger Hunt and then came back to RoadAbode to ready dinner - which was warming in the oven. Amy completed the stuffing, gravy and corn, I set the table and the welcome mat outside. Jeff & Rachel showed a little early, so we setup some chairs outside for them to relax in while Amy finished up inside - and I went to the closest baker to pickup some pies. Coming back to RoadAbode was great - seeing Rachel and Jeff relaxing outside - Jeff strumming a guitar - Just felt homey and so right!
Soon Sam & Elizabeth showed - We prayed together and enjoyed a great meal, and laughed about the sights and experiences that are uniquely Zerns - topped off with shoo-fly pie. We sent our guests back into Zerns, we cleaned up, relaxed, and when they returned, rewarded our Scavenger Hunt "winners" They also gifted us for our hospitality, with a special "Jesus soap on a rope" to help keep us "Spiritually Clean" (Where else but Zerns?)
We left - took backroads home, and just enjoyed some great conversation.
Definitely want to do this again!

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