Monday, February 13, 2006

New Toy Coming!

After Closing on Opa's House, - Looks like it was purchased by some nice people - finishing paperwork @ the bank for his estate, and getting the title changed over (From "OpaMobile" to "RoadToad"!) - Went online and ordered a towbar from hitchesonline, including all the cables, electrical components, and base plate to turn the Honda into a proper toad. "Toad" for those not use to RVer-ese stands for a car 'towed' behind a motorhome to use when you get to your destination.
Looks like a slightly complicated job putting in the baseplates to connect the towbar to the car, but not outside my abilities.
Towbar I ordered is the "Falcon II" by Roadmaster.

Falcon 2 tow bar by Roadmaster
Falcon 2 Towbar by Roadmaster

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