Monday, May 23, 2005

Camping with the Jersey Devil

The problem with planning ahead is that sometimes the unplanned happens. Like breaking my ankle and tearing my ACL while playing ball at RPC youthgroup.

This month's planned trip was to Wading Pines, in the middle of the Jersey Pine Barrens.
It got a little interesting since I broke my 'driving ankle'. Amy was now driver, and me co-pilot. Could we survive the role-reversal? Turns out we did pretty well.

Amy made it thru the tollbooths easily - especially using a 'grabber' tool to get the tollbooth tickets. We almost got lost - the directions were good - signage in the Pine Barrens (Highway signs) not so good.
What's cool about Wading Pines Campground was that they also run canoe trips, since the campground is right next to the Wading River. Unfortunately because of my cast, we couldn't take advantage of that.
We didn't yet purchase LynxLeveler blocks, so we were leaning a little to 'port', but we still survived.
The Italian Feast was really good - I really enjoyed the sausage.
Lots of golf-carts around - have to watch your step.
Girls enjoyed the playground, and a ride on the "PineBarrens (Jersey Devil) Express"

We had rain overnight, but it didn't hamper our weekend.
Oh - and Kimberly caught a fish, and we saw some HUGE painted turtles @ their pond.
We want to return when we can paddle down the Wading River.

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