Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Spring Day

A great way to start the RV season! Bright Skies, above 40F, and a quiet campground.
Was able to leave work by 3pm, and out to RoadAbode by 4pm. By 6pm we were setup for camp, and Am had our traditional Friday Night Pizza in the oven.
Enjoyed some starlight walking around the campground, and some "Man vs. Food" on cable.
For Saturday morning, after a pancake breakfast, the girls stayed back with Molly to do some homework, reading and enjoy the lovely weather. Am and I went out to Goods Store and the Farmers Market to pick up a few needs, and some things we didn't know we needed. =p
For our afternoon, we headed out to Oscar's Pet Resort in Greenville which is not far from Dutch Wonderland. They had a Doggy Easter Egg Hunt, to benefit a local Pet Adoption Organization Furry Friends Network. Molly and the girls had a great time, meeting other dogs and dog owners.
Afterward, we found a SonicBurger on Route 30 and had a late lunch/early dinner "linner" sitting outside with Molly. We headed back to camp, zig-zagging thru the back roads between Rt 30 and 340, and then between Route 340 and Rt 23. There were plenty of Amish Farm Families out getting the fields ready in the warm sun.
Once back at RoadAbode, we relaxed and did some reading, napping, and snacking, in some form or another. I got a campfire going, and watched the stars start to come out.
Sunday, needed to head out early(Am had a meeting back home) so we headed out of the campground, leaving Lancaster and starting another great Camping season in RoadAbode.

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