Saturday, September 29, 2007

Otter Lake Weekend

Spending the weekend @ Otter Lake
Getting here last night was not fun. Traffic was heavy leaving from work, and Amy missed her exit on the way...
It was rather stressful...and not how I like to start a roadtrip. Stated to drizzle a bit too...
Getting 29+ foot is not fun...and Amy and I - since we "switched roles" and met at the campground, had an interesting time getting RoadAbode settled in. We did it...and after dinner, was ready to hit bed...
This morning provided new insights, and new opportunities though.
Slept late, had a great "camp breakfast" as usual..and morning coffee, gave a new perspective.
Got ourselves moving, and by 10:30am were on the road to the 209 Flea market. Love to peruse the wares of the vendors (though quite a few look like the buy from the same suppliers.
After wandering around, went to Perkins for a nice lunch, (Though I was tempted to eat a sausage, pepper and onion sandwich at the flea market. - went for tamer fare)
After lunch, back to RoadAbode to take a hike round the lake, and just enjoy the weather.
A nap fit in there somewhere too, and a little rock climbing (emphasis on "little")
Called AT&T to up my plan - so I could sign on...and post here. (in my backwards, sneaky way)
Em took a ride on the old firetruck at 4pm, and after posting, will start to build a fire, and maybe settle in for some TV, snuggle up as the temp drops, and have a late dinner.
Today has definitely helped de-stressed yesterday...
A few pics from today:
FleaMarket - $1 PepperageFarm Stuff!

Otter Lake - Foliage is Changing...

Hanging Around the Playground

Goofing on our RockClimb

Kim Too cool to Climb

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