Saturday, August 11, 2007

Camping Close to Home - West Chester

Thurday night I was a "bachelor" for the evening, the girls headed off to the West Chester KOA to get an early start to our camping weekend before the Kickoff to RPC's YouthWeek.
After work Friday, I bolted out the door at 5:05pm and headed off down the road, directed by Lola our GPS. Took almost exactly a hour from door to to - and that included a turnaround because of a detour - road closed in Brandywine. The girls jumped right into the car - because we were heading to Longwood Gardens - 15 minutes away - to see an Open Air Concert by one of our favorites - TroutFishing in America . The concert was awesome, rain held off, and as a bonus the girls got to see a little of the gardens and the water and light show that's held at closing. I hadn't realized that they never had been to the gardens - and they definitely want to go back someday during daylight to check it out.
It was odd for me - The girls had already set up camp pretty well - I didn't have much to do when we got back to RoadAbode - except relax. We had our usual Friday Night Pizza, a little TV, and off to bed.

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