Saturday, March 10, 2007

Busy, Fun Saturday - Long Island Fun

Woke around 8am looked at cartoons, and took Mike-y the Dog for a walk around the property with Lizzy, Amy & the girls. Mike-y even tried the slide in the playground.

After our walk, we went to get breakfast at the local bagel shop. It was crowded, and I felt like I was ordering a Pat's Cheesesteak without knowing the "Special Code", but it was worth the wait! The Bagel Sandwiches were Hot, crisp and 'delish'. We went back to Sam's, hung out, and then he offered to show us some sights. After checking on directions and a quick visit with the Pastor (also a former Philly-Boi)

We headed out to a place called Sports Plus. The place was amazing - Ice skating, Lazer Tag, bowling, arcade, and carnival-type rides, all under one roof! We had a ball playing skee-ball and doing all types of other games. The girls even won some prizes with the tickets they collected. Sam did say the place was going to be closing, which is a shame - we could use more places like this for youth events!

After our fun @ Sports Plus, Sam took us to the Gold Star Battalion Beach at Huntington Harbor. Saw lots of boats and such and enjoyed a walk over to the dog park there.
We headed back to the shopping district of Huntington, and just took in the sights and window-shopped. After a good day of exploring, the girls got to play with Mike-y a little more, and then Lizzy treated us to a great Mexican Restaurant, and we filled ourselves with excellent Rotisserie Chicken, Black Beans, and Rice - and excellente fresh salsa and Chips. - Great Dinner! Great Day!

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