Monday, December 30, 2019

Another Year in to Remember - 2019

So, what shaped my "future memories" this year?
A short list, in no particular order.
Lost my brother.
My girls in relationships.
Bought a brand new motorhome
Pastor takes a sabbatical.
Music director takes leave of absence.
Car hit by a deer, car totalled, got a new-to-me car.
Missed at least 3 family camping trips
Hiked -alone- the Pinnacle Trail of Crowder's Mountain in NC
Camped with friends
Camped with my family, but not always all at the same time.
Volunteering -a little- at the food pantry Amy head's up.
Designed and installed new WiFi system at church.
Trips with just Amy and I
Established my home office.
Took a three hour taxi ride (with three strangers) from BWI to PHL
My children are adults

Travel in general

Travelled for business:
Atlanta GA (2x), Columbia MD, Satellite Beach FL, Newtown PA (2x), Camp Hill PA, Chicago IL (2x), Bedford MA, Houston TX, Shelton CT (3x) Farmington CT (2x) , Westerville OH, Edison NJ, Wallingford CT, Franklin TN, West Palm Beach FL, Fort Lauderdale FL, Charlotte NC, Plainville CT, Orlando FL,
Travelled for pleasure:
Lancaster PA (multiple times), College Park MD, Washington DC, Buffalo and Albany NY, Kutztown PA, Elverson PA, Havre De Grace MD, Upper Black Eddy PA, Granville MA,

33 flights (including connectings)
65 hotel nights
23 Camping nights

And throughout it all - plenty of moments spent in conversation with GOD - mostly expressing thankfulness for it all.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

RoadAbode 2.0

After travelling for fifteen years with RoadAbode, we made the decision that it was time for an update. Some of the systems were past their lifespan and were ready to be replaced. Rather than start to spend money on large items - like a propane tank or air conditioner - we opted to get something new.
RoadAbode 2.0 is the first vehicle in our family that is brand new - not "New to Us" - for quite a few years.
Our new home on wheels is a 2019 Jayco Greyhawk model FS. I've been interested and following this model for about 10 years. when I checked one out at an RV Show. Each year the Greyhawk seemed to get a little better, in included features, while getting high marks for quality - something RoadAbode 1.0 had been lacking.

Some of the differences:
RoadAbode 2.0 is slightly longer at 32 feet
As with 1.0 there is a rear bedroom and over the cab sleep area - but added there are two bunks across from the bathroom.
A single bathroom. Along  with  a usable shower  - not separate from the toilet and  sink, the bathroom is all in one. With more leg room! And a window! And medicine cabinet!
Two slide-outs, one on each side  One for the rear bedroom and bunks on the curbside, one for the living area on the road side. The bedroom has a full wardrobe.
Across from the bunks - a pantry with storage for anything from our dustpan, to cleaning supplies.
In the galley - a self-lighting stove, and a large house-sized microwave. And - an oven (something that Redhawk - the  sister RV to Greyhawk - in same floorplan do not have.)
More counter space, and sink covers for the double sink.
Couch has one less seat, but the living space has the same configuration as before - with more floor space. In the cockpit, there is a  power driver's seat, integrated sound and camera system - side and rear cameras.
Other coach amenities include power step and awning, bluetooth connection to both indoor and outdoor speakers, ducting air conditioning and all LED lighting. Three 22 inch TV and one 32 Inch
Floor plan of our Jayco Greyhawk FS 

Kitchen and Living
Over Cab Sleeping Area
Curbside with Slide Out

Looking forward to new adventures with RoadAbode 2.0

Saturday, April 27, 2019

It's Been a While...

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. ~ Ferris Bueller - June 11, 1986

Life DOES move fast. I haven't posted since October, 2017! Work has been central to my lack of writing. The work changes are not bad, but do require me to acclimate with a different approach of travel life.
In the end, the changes required may help me advance my desire to getting on the road, travelling more in an RV.

Some of the differences in our current travel life.

  • Our daughters - now 26 and 21 - still enjoy travelling with us. They get bummed out when something "get's in the way" of a good camping trip.  But the reasons to miss are valid ones - be it school, work, or their own blossoming relationships. 
  • Molly the pup, is over ten years old now, but still has spurts of "puppy-like" energy.. Still, she is less inclined to go with me on long hikes, and I've had to tuck her  under my arm a few times on treks back to camp.
  • Rather than  be "THE GUY" for IT at my home-base office in Pennsylvania, I belong to a great work team with members from across the country. That provides me the opportunity to learn for each other, and travel to some nice destination cities. I travel for work on average once a month. Some are week long trips, others only three or four days. Unfortunately this means more airport time than RoadAbode time. It's just easier to jet to Jacksonville, Chicago, Atlanta or other office destination than it is to drive with RoadAbode. Sometimes I have only a week's warning of actual travel dates. Most work trips I don't get time to experience the actual destination. Airports, hotels, offices, restaurants and the roads in between take up most of the time. It is work, after all.
  • I do a lot less server/desk support, and more IT planning. This affords me the ability to work remote - and I have setup a nice home office to do just that. I still go into the office most days, but if it's even threatening to snow in the winter, I don't need to drive. This last year of having my home office has me dreaming and  investigating how to take the "show on the road" more often. Work pays for my hotel and other travel costs, I want to soon figure out how to translate that into more travel with RoadAbode. Will need to try out on some upcoming Northeastern US Trips.

Biggest Change of 2019
Lastly, the biggest change for 2019 is RoadAbode 2.0 A new Class C motor home.
RoadAbode 2.0 is a 2019 Jayco Greyhawk FS. I've always like the built quality and equipage of the Greyhawk, and the FS floor plan affords taking a  "full crew complement" in comfort.
RoadAbode  Floor plan

The FS standard equipment is what my "dream" RV includes. Comfortable sleep space for two to three couples, with additional space for some children - if needed.  Higher ceiling, and a  Fiberglass roof. Two slide-outs to increase the living space. A quieter  air conditioner - ducted throughout the coach. A larger bathroom space. More counter and pantry space for the galley.  Energy efficient LED lighting so our coach battery lasts longer boondocking.  Hydraulic jacks to assist in leveling. There's plenty more, and all with a nicer fit and finish than we have had previously. We are looking forward to our future adventures - and hopefully - longer ones too.